The press conference to mark World Milk Day

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Dairy Asia Secretariat Office, and the Mongolian Food Association’s Milk Professional Council jointly held a press conference dedicated to World Milk Day 2021.


  • Vinod Ahuja, member of Dairy Asia’s Steering Committee, FAO Representative in Mongolia;
  • Batbaatar Bayarmagnai, Dairy Asia coordinator;
  • Choi-Ish Lkhasuren, Dairy Asia’s Focal point in Mongolia, Director General of Food production policy implementation and coordination department, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry of Mongolia;
  • Bolod Medraa, Chair of Mongolian Food Association’s Milk Professional Council.

Vinod Ahuja: FAO has promoted World Milk Day due to the multiple benefits of milk consumption and production. The first World Milk Day was celebrated in June 2001 and has since become an annual event celebrated in many countries to focus attention on milk as nutritious food, especially for children and undernourished people. Smallholder farmers produce around 80 percent of milk in Asia.  The growth in the dairy sector brings many benefits for farmers and improved household food security and nutrition.

L.Choi-Ish: Mongolia must keep the tradition of high dairy consumption. To support milk producers, herders, and farmers as well as to reduce the powdered milk import dependence, the Government of Mongolia is implementing the milk incentive policy since November 2020. The milk supply chain needs to be developed from farm to table. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry of Mongolia has key attention on the dairy export policy as well.

M.Bolod: It has to be highlighted that traditional livestock and intensive farming need to be mutually developed to increase domestic milk production. We are focusing on the research and development of probiotic dairy products. Mongolian Food Industrial Association’s Milk professional council is closely working with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry to increase public awareness while consumption a cup of milk per day.

B.Batbaatar: Asia is the biggest continent where about 60 percent of the world population lives. However, our continent accounts for about 40 percent of the world’s milk production. Dairy Asia has a vision “a socially and environmentally responsible Asian dairy sector that enhances rural livelihoods, improves nutrition, and contributes to economic prosperity”. Dairy Asia secretariat office has been established in 2020 that supported by the Government of Mongolia and UN FAO with GASL and APHCA.

We are working on the knowledge sharing, experience exchanging, expanding the Dairy Asia to North-East Asia, Central Asia, increase the public awareness of milk consumption and production and to ensure the private sector participation. We will concentrate on cow milk production as well as milk production of yak, goat, sheep, and camel as well as mare milk.