Dairy Asia secretariat, UN FAO, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, GASL, IDF, and World “Yurta” association jointly organized the Dairy Asia dialogue: Yak Milk production on 19th November 2021 at 14.00-16.45 Ulaanbaatar/Asia time.

In the online dialogue participated more than 80 representatives and delegates from Bhutan, India, China, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, UK, France, US, and Chile.

In welcoming remarks, Mr. T.Jambaltseren, State Secretary, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, and Dr. Vinod Ahuja UN FAO representative have given the opening speech.

Moderated by Mr. Batbaatar Bayarmagnai, coordinator, Dairy Asia secretariat, the joint Dairy Asia dialogue had the following presentations: “Yak milk production in Bhutan” – by Mr. Towchu Rabgay, Chief Livestock Production Officer, Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bhutan, “Yak milk production in Nepal” – by Mr. Babu Kaji Panta, Deputy Executive Director, National Dairy Development Board, Nepal, “Mongolia’s policy on Yak” – by Mr. J.Tsogtbaatar, Officer, Department of Livestock policy implementation and coordination, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Mongolia, “Yak milk cheese production in Mongolia” – by Ms. S.Tsetsgee, Dairy consultant, UN FAO, “Yak milk production in China & Treasure of Plateau” – by Mr. Jiang Yanshi, Chief engineer, “Treasure of Plateau” LLC in China, “Yak milk production in India” – by Dr. Mihir Sarkar, Director, ICAR – National Research Centre on Yak in India.  

Please kindly find the attached presentations below. 

As panelists participated Mr. Santiago Benitez, Founder and Director, Yurta association, Mr. G.Temuulen, member of the Mongolian parliament, President of Mongolian Yak Association, Dr. Mihir Sarkar, Director, ICAR – National Research Centre on Yak in India, and Mr. Siquan Wang, Founder, and Chairman, “Treasure of Plateau” LLC to the joint Dairy Asia dialogue: Yak milk production.

The joint Dairy Asia dialogue focused on the situation of the yak husbandry and yak milk production, the facing challenges with harsh winters combined with droughts, rangeland degradation, water scarcity, worsened genetic, milk quality and safety, insufficient technologies, poor infrastructure in a rural remote area, not enough market opportunities, migration of yak herders’ generation to urban, and aging yak herders.

Global warming! What will happen to yak husbandry and yak milk production? How it will be threatened? Yak husbandry and yak milk production demand the high altitudes of location, cold and harsh climate.  What will be a perspective for yak husbandry countries? For sustainable yak husbandry and yak milk production, the presentations and discussions were informative, effective, and cooperative. The sharing knowledge and experiences on yak husbandry and yak milk production was essential.

As a result of the dialogue, the presenters, speakers, panelists, and participants supported and proposed that World Yak Association may be established in Mongolia, the yak husbandry countries, related international organizations and regional initiatives should be collaboratively cooperated and partnered. Noted that the supply and value chain on yak milk need to be sustainably strengthened, and R&D of yak milk production must be supported as well.