Platform for Asian dairy manufacturing to be established in Mongolia

As there is a necessity to develop sustainable animal husbandry in the agricultural sector, a meeting was organized to introduce the sustainable development plan for animal husbandry to international organizations and investors on October 29, 2020

In his speech, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Ch.Ulaan highlighted that the animal husbandry sustainable development plan complies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and it correlates with various factors, such as pasture, water supply, climate change; development of value added system for animal husbandry; livestock health and breeding; citizens’ food safety; rural development and social accessibility and inter-sector partnership. He then underlined that the plan is the result of the joint effort of the participants of the 8th Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock meeting.

Head of the Animal Husbandry Development Policy and Management Department of the ministry D.Batmunkh introduced some project proposals of the sustainable development plan on animal husbandry at the meeting. These include:
– preparing the next generation of herders, getting youth involved,
– establishing the Office of the Secretary General of Dairy Asia in Ulaanbaatar that will serve as the platform for dairy manufacturing,
– establishing a model center for processing animal commodities and products.

Officials noted that the difficulties we face in the sustainability of the animal husbandry sector will become easier to overcome with the implementation of the projects and programs.