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Flavoured Milk

Flavoured milk is a ready to drink product which is produced from skim milk, added sugar and natural flavours (e.g. banana, pineapple, orange, chocolate etc).Principles of preservation and methods of processingThe principles of preservation are to destroy most enzymes and

Feeding dairy cattle

There are more than two million small-holder dairy farmers in East Africa. Most keep one or two dairy cows, usually crosses between European dairy breeds and local zebu, in a system that combines growing a variety of crops and keeping

Technical Brief on Dairy Processing

Milk is a valuable nutritious food that, if untreated, will spoil within a few days. However, there are a number of preservation techniques that can be used at a small scale to extend its shelf life by several days, weeks

Dairy Farmers Training Manual

We wish to record our sincere gratitude to the various stakeholders, individuals and institutions that have given us unreserved support during the preparation of this manual. We are grateful to the farmers of this country whose hard work and commitment

Dairy Equipment Maintenance

Since the liberalisation of the dairy industry in Kenya in 1992, many small scale to medium scaledairy processing plants have been established in most of the major milk producing areas. The sizesvary from as small as 200 litres per day

Dairy Confectionery

In countries that have significant Asian populations,there may be a demand for dairy confectioneryproducts (or ‘sweetmeats’). They can be grouped intofive categories: dried milk-based products, heat/acidcoagulated products, cultured/fermented products,fat-rich products and cereal-based puddings/desserts.

Fact sheet on cream

Cream is often thought toprovide only fat, but it alsocontains vitamin A and someriboflavin (B2) and calcium. Onetablespoon of cream contains 10to 30 milligrams (mg) of calcium,depending on the product

Controlling Feed Costs Over the Long Haul

After several years of relatively cheap grain prices, corn and soybean prices have increased significantly.The increase is primarily due to greater demand for corn and soybeans to produce ethanol and biodiesel.