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Calf Rearing Practice

Good calf rearing practices are the foundation of building out a good performing dairy replacement herd. Farmers should always think from the calf’s point of view! That means that the farmer needs to think: “what does my calf need”. Calves

Ice Cream Production

There has been little tradition of ice cream production in tropical countries because of the requirement for refrigerated production equipment and frozen storage. Now demand is increasing for ice cream in many large towns and cities, and it has the

Ice Cream and other Frozen Dairy Products

Ice Cream is made by stirring, while freezing, a pasteurized mix of one or more dairy ingredients—milk, concentrated fat-freemilk, cream, condensed milk—sweetening agents, flavorings, stabilizers, emulsifiers and optional egg or egg yolk solids or other ingredients. Federal standards require ice

Hygienic Milk Handling and Processing

In order for milk to reach the processor and ultimately the consumer still in good condition, a number of things must be observed right from the farm level to the processing factory, and thereafter to the retailers and consumer. This

Heat Stress in Dairy Calves

Calves attempt to maintain a constant body temperature regardless of the outside temperature, and within a certain temperature range—called thethermoneutral zone—calves can accomplish thiswithout expending extra energy. Th e boundariesof the thermoneutral zone are not constant and arenot determined by

Guide to Good Dairy Farming Practice

Good Agricultural Practice for dairy farmers is about implementing sound practices on dairy farms – collectively called Good Dairy Farming Practice.These practices must ensure that the milk and milk products produced are safe and suitable for their intended use, and

Guide to good dairy farming practice

Dairy farmers are in the business of producing food. They aim to ensure that the safety and quality of their raw milk will satisfy the highest expectations of the food industry and consumers.

Good Manure Management

Keeping dairy cows is not only about producing milk but also about managing waste.A lot of waste. Day after day. But… is it all really waste? Certainly not. Take animal manure… it can be used as organic fertiliser or to