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Balanced Feeding for Improving Livestock Productivity

There has been only modest improvement in the productivity of indigenous cows, crossbreds or buffaloes over the last two decades in India (Table 1). The average daily milk production data at 6.52 kg for crossbreds, 2.10 kg for indigenous cattle

Thailand celebrates National Dairy Day

A key lesson from past development interventions is that successful project implementation requires paying attention notjust to technical content but also to associated people and processes. Stakeholder ownership and commitment is key to thesuccess of any development initiative.

Milk and milk products

International prices to of dairy products began to strgengthen in mid-2012, reserving the steady decline that had characterized the previous 12 months. The change in trend resulted from a tightening of supplies to the world market.

Smallholder dairy development in Asia and the Pacific

Consumption of milk and milk products has grown rapidly in Asia and the Pacific region, making it the strongest growing region for dairy product consumption during the last three decades. Asian consumers have generated nearly half of the global dairy

DVF Dairy Farm in the Philippines

Close proximity to majorcities allows fresh milk &premium cheese, yogurt &ice cream within a 5-6 daycold chain. Large river-fed plateaus &high rainfall provide largestgrazing resource in EastAsia.