Global Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation & Side Event for International Year of Camelids held

FAO organized the first ever Global Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation on 25-27 September 2023 at FAO headquarters, Rome. The event provided a neutral forum for representatives of FAO Members, industrial organizations, research and academic institutions, development agencies, civil society organizations and private sector bodies to engage in dialogues on innovations and pathways to efficiently produce more nutritious, safe and accessible animal source foods with a reduced environmental footprint, and contribute to vibrant local and diversified livestock systems that are more resilient to shocks and disruptions.

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As a knowledge partner, Dairy Asia has been welcomed to participate in the global conference and also attended in the GASL Guiding group meeting.

During the Global Conference, FAO, Government of Bolivia and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the Side Event for International Year of Camelids – 2024. In the event, Mr. Batbaatar Bayarmagnai, CEO and coordinator, Dairy Asia attended as one of panelists, and delivered the Dairy Asia’s current activities and further actions to Mongolian Bactrian camel sector.

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