Dairy Asia’s working meeting held

Dairy Asia secretariat, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry of Mongolia, and “Club of Economic Journalists and Columnists” jointly organized the working meeting on 20th August 2021. In the meeting participated the representatives from the publishing and press organizations such as “MNB World” TV, “Montsame” agency, “Mongol messenger”, “UB post”, “Mongolian economy” journal, “Financial inclusion”, “Asia mining magazine”, “NTV”, “News channel” which have an operation in English.
Dairy Asia secretariat has introduced its objective, vision, functions as well as planned events and activities for the next months. On the occasion of “World School Milk Day” will be organized “Dairy Asia webinar: School Milk program” on 28th September 2021.
Dairy Asia secretariat, UN FAO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia will jointly organize the “Dairy Asia perspective” consultative meeting on 07th October 2021 dedicated to “60th anniversary of Mongolia’s accession to the UN”.
Noted that the working meeting was held informative, open, and effective. The participants concluded that our cooperation is essential, Dairy Asia’s activities and events will be informed in public.