Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Mongolia’s accession to the United Nations, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and Dairy Asia secretariat jointly organized the consultative meeting “Dairy Asia perspective” on 07th October 2021.
In the meeting participated Ambassadors, representatives, and officials of embassies from the US, India, France, Germany, Russia, Cuba, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Vietnam, Lao DPR, DPR of Korea, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, UAE, Kuwait, Belarus, and EU.
In welcoming remarks, Mr. Z.Mendsaikhan, Minister for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, Ms. B.Battsetseg, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, and Dr. Vinod Ahuja, UN FAO representative in Mongolia have given the opening speech.
In the meeting, Mr. B. Batbaatar, Dairy Asia coordinator has given the presentation on “Dairy Asia perspective”, and Ms. O.Onon, Assistant Director, Food production policy implementation and coordination department, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry has introduced the presentation on “Mongolia’s dairy sector development”.
The meeting focused on the introduction of the Dairy Asia partnership, aiming goals, sustainability framework, further actions, the difference between Asian and European dairy sectors, cow and non-cow milk production, importance of the sharing knowledge and practical experiences in the dairy sector, action network’s proposed expansion to North-East Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia, process of obtaining Dairy Asia membership, Mongolia’s dairy sector’s current situation, policy and legal environment, uniqueness of the country’s traditional livestock, dairy value chain, consumer’s prospects, and dairy cooperation.
It had to be noted that Dairy Asia secretariat will send the welcoming letter to Japan, Republic of Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Lao Democratic People’s Republic, State of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.
During the meeting, MFIA and the Mongolian Dairy Professional Council jointly organized the Mongolian dairy products exhibition for participants.