Dairy Asia in the IDF World Dairy Summit – 2022, New Delhi, India

Organized by the International Dairy Federation and National Dairy Development Board of India, IDF World Dairy Summit was held on 11-15 September 2022 in New Delhi, India.

As a knowledge partner, Dairy Asia has been invited as one of the speakers to the technical session at the Summit. In the “Non-cow milk animals exploring its relevance to local economies” technical session, Batbaatar Bayarmagnai, CEO & coordinator, of Dairy Asia presented “Yak and Camel milk production” based on the series of Dairy Asia dialogue: yak milk production and camel milk production, facing challenges in the sectors in the member countries, and further actions from Dairy Asia.

According to FAO statistics, cow milk accounts for 81 percent of the world’s milk production, followed by buffalo milk (15%), goat milk (2%), sheep milk (1%), camel milk (0.5%), and other species (yak, mare, etc.) at 0.5%.

Dairy Asia called participants to support a strategy “Low Volume – High Value” for non-cow milk production development.

Yak and Camel milk production may play an important role in non-cow milk production, nutritional security, rural livelihood, and rural sustainable development. Yak and Camel husbandry is one of the most eco-friendly sub-sectors in the global livestock and that may be significantly considered. Yak and camel husbandry has a unique culture based on the nomadic lifestyle and special natural ecosystems.