Dairy Asia launched a new initiative “Dairy Asia: bilateral meeting” which will be aiming to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between member countries, promote knowledge and information sharing, support the PPP, increase the private sector participation and focus on the common facing challenges and solutions.

Dedicated to World Milk Day, Dairy Asia secretariat, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, National Dairy Development Board of India, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, Mongolian Food Industry Association, and Mongolian Dairy Farmer’s Association jointly organized the Dairy Asia bilateral web meeting (5×5) India & Mongolia on 30th May 2022.

In the opening remarks, Mr. B. Altansukh, Director General, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, and Mr. Shri Meenesh C Shah, Chairman, National Dairy Development Board of India have given the speeches.

In the welcoming remarks, Mr. D.Ganbold Ambassador from Mongolia to India, Mr. M P Singh, Ambassador from India to Mongolia, and Dr. Vinod Ahuja, UN FAO representative in Mongolia warmly greeted the organizers and participants.

At the web meeting participated over 70 delegates from both countries and knowledge partners.

Moderated by Mr. Batbaatar Bayarmagnai, CEO & coordinator, Dairy Asia, the bilateral web meeting had the following presentations:

  • “Mongolian dairy sector, and its development opportunities” – O.Onon, Assistant Director, Food production policy implementation and coordination department, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia,
  • Indian dairy sector, and its development history – Dr. Jignesh Shah, General Manager, Sectoral analysis & studies, National Dairy Development Board of India.
  • The state policy for Mongolian cooperatives – A.Gerelzaya, Head of Policy Coordination Division, Small & Medium Enterprises Agency of Mongolia.
  • Milk processing & MFIA – M.Narmandakh, CEO, Mongolian Food Industry Association
  • Dairy farming in Mongolia – O.Amartsengel, Member of Board, Mongolian Dairy Farmer’s Association.
  • Amul model of procurement of milk, processing, and product export – Himanshu Rathod, Assistant general manager, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation
  • School milk program: NDDB experience – Ms. Smriti Singh, Manager, Cooperative service, NDDB
  • Productivity enhancement services delivery in India – Dr. R.O Gupta, Sr.General manager, Productivity enhancement, NDDB.

Please kindly find the following presentations:

India is the world’s largest milk-producing nation, the country has a well-developed dairy sector that is based on the “White revolution” and “Amul model” with dairy cooperative development, and supported by the “School milk program”.

It is a great achievement that India has a population of about 1.3 billion people, but the nation is self-sufficient in milk & dairy products. In addition, over 50 countries import dairy products from India. Mongolia is a traditional livestock country that has about 70 million livestock population. With 3.4 million people, Mongolia is aiming to develop an export-oriented dairy industry.  Knowledge and best experiences in the dairy sector of India will be helpful to the Mongolian dairy sector’s development.