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Need to increase productivity of milch cattle: Radha Mohan Singh

October 24 2014

India -  India ranks first among the world's milk producing nations since 1998 and accounts for about 17% of the cattle population and 64% of the buffalo population. However, there is a great need to increase the productivity of our milch cattle. This was stated by Union agriculture minister, Radha Mohan Singh..Read more 

India's First Cattle Welfare Guidelines: What Do They Mean?

October 24 2014

India -  new national welfare code will set a baseline for keeping livestock in India, World Animal Protection told TheCattleSite in an interview. The first of its kind in India, the World Animal Protection (WAP) guidelines form the first welfare measure to sweep through what is the world's biggest cattle herd..Read more 

Nestle opens dairy farming facility in China despite glut

October 24 2014

China - Swiss food giant Nestle recently inaugurated a dairy farming institute in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, which includes several classrooms and three dairy farms, despite the current oversupply of dairy products in the country, Shanghai's China Business News reports..Read more 

The Quest to Feed China: First, Feed the Animals

October 24 2014

China - One of China’s largest alcohol producers, Wuliangye, has made an unconventional move – it is entering the animal feed business. But no, cattle won’t be drinking China’s famous five-grain alcohol. Instead, Wuliangye aims to take the waste from its distillation process and turn it into a commercially viable,..Read more 

Whey to go: Exploding demand for cheese waste

October 20 2014

Netherlands - The powerful Dutch dairy industry is scrambling to cash in on exploding demand for whey, a cheese by-product once used mainly in cattle feed now turned global nutritional hit. Over the last decade whey powder, produced when milk separates into curd during the cheese-making process, has become a multi-billion-euro industry..Read more 

Dairy product prices rebound from five-year low

October 17 2014

New Zealand - Dairy product prices rose in the latest GlobalDairyTrade auction, recovering from the lowest level in five years, as gains in anhydrous milk fat and sweet whey powder outweighed declines in rennet casein and butter milk powder. The GDT average winning price rose 1.4% to US$2,640, up from US$2,599 two weeks ago..Read more 

A Glass of Asian Milk A Day for Every Asian Child

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Su Kahumbu: Mobile tech spreads seeds of information to farmers
Su Kahumbu: Mobile tech spreads seeds of information to farmers

Feed and Fodder Challenges for Asia
Feed and Fodder Challenges for Asia

Empowering Women through Dairying: What are the Lessons?
Empowering Women through Dairying: What are the Lessons?

World Milk Day Thailand 2014
World Milk Day Thailand 2014

World Milk Day Thailand 2014
World Milk Day Thailand 2014

Myanmar School Milk
Myanmar School Milk

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